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Ash Street, Northmead Ext 4, Benoni, Gauteng, 1501

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Arbor prides itself in striving for excellence in all areas of a learner’s life,
including the academic field.

The top 20 academic students in each grade, are awarded every term. Learners are acknowledged at the end of the year at our annual prize giving for  excellence during the academic school year. Grade 4, 5, 6 and 7 learners are  awarded full and half academic colours. Top achievers from each grade are  awarded trophies for academic achievement per subject.

Extra classes are available for learners who need improvement in
English, Afrikaans and Mathematics.


All staff members have been trained in the use of technology to enhance teaching. Every classroom has internet access. Educators are encouraged to make use of the resources available to them to make lessons interesting and interactive. Training is ongoing to improve educators’ level of proficiency in technology.

Media Centres

There are two fully equipped media centres available for junior and senior learners. Grade 1 – 4 learners are encouraged to read by taking out library books on a weekly basis. The prefects also read to interested learners during break times.

Computer Centre

Grade 1 to 6 learners attend computer classes during the normal school day. Grade 1 and 2 learners work with Mathematical and Language Literacy programmes that also help to develop mouse and computer skills. Grade 3 – 6 learners use CAMI Maths. The computer centre is the heart of e-Learning at Arbor Primary School.

Extra Mural Activities

At Arbor Primary School we encourage our children to participate in sporting and cultural events. This contributes to the holistic development of learners. We strive to teach learners valuable life lessons and skills during all our extra-mural activities.

At the beginning of each term, an extra mural programme is sent home so that learners and parents can see what activities are available for that term and when practices and matches take place. Should learners be selected to represent Arbor Primary School in any team, it is expected that they attend all practices, games and matches. All learners who represent Arbor Primary School in individual or team activities are expected to always do so with pride, discipline, respect and positive sportsmanship.

​All learners are placed in “Sport Houses” at the beginning of their first year in Arbor Primary School.

We offer a broad spectrum of extra murals, and these activities cater for learners who enjoy sporting as well as cultural activities.

Our educators are involved in the extra mural programmes and are encouraged to instil good sportsmanship above a "win at all cost attitude"