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Arbor Family

“Like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions,
yet our roots remain as one!”

Arbor Primary School embodies this quote. We pride ourselves in being a school of excellence, academically and in both sporting and cultural arenas. However, our biggest success is raising children who find a sense of belonging to this very special FAMILY. Each child who enters this school is made to feel special and worthy which creates an excellent platform for learning. Our dedicated and loyal staff members allow every child to flourish into a well-rounded member of our family. It has been said that there are two gifts we should give our children. One is roots and the other is wings. Arbor certainly gives both of these to every learner who passes through its doors.

"A good education is a foundation for a better future!"

Elizabeth Warren

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Arbor Owls and Online Store

Last year saw the unveiling of our amazing new Logo and Motto. We will now be known as the Arbor Owls with a motto of…

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No Rotational Learning for Arbor

Although Covid really dealt education a huge blow in the last 2 years, Arbor has always strived to get our learners back into class, full…

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WI-FI Rollout

For many years, Arbor teachers have been teaching with laptops and projectors. Many lessons are made interesting as all classrooms had access to the internet…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Arbor Primary is a Section 21, fee paying school in terms of the South African School’s Act. Therefore, School Fees are compulsory and are regarded as a statutory payment. The Act stipulates that biological parents or legal guardians, regardless of their marital status, are liable for school fees.

There are a number of ways to contact your child’s teacher. The preferred method is to send your child’s teacher a message via this website. Click on ‘About Us’/’Our Staff’/ Photo of your child’s teacher and fill in the contact form on the teachers page. The teacher will receive an email with your message. In the event of an emergency, please contact the main office on (011) 849 4227.

Arbor offers a variety of extra mural activities that appeal to both the sports enthusiast and culture vultures alike. For more detailed information on the activities offered, click on the ‘Sports’ and ‘Cultural’ menu links at the top of the website.

We have a bus dedicated to transporting pupils to sporting events and cultural activities. Arbor does not have a bus that transports pupils to and from school.

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    Miss K Blackburn

    From a student to an educator, Arbor Primary School taught me and continues to teach me so much. The heart of the school is purple and that heart is made up of every educator, administrator, ground staff, learner and parent. Strong academic skills, sportsmanship and life values are instilled in all learners. We are all privileged to have the best school on the East Rand.

    Past Student - Present Educator

    Miss R da Silva

    My experience at Arbor Primary School was nothing short of wonderful. It shaped my life in more ways than I thought it would.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time in school with days filled with sporting events, mini walks, camp outs, entrepreneur and fun days, let’s not forget about Maths problems, English poems and Mr Arentsen teaching us how to sew. Arbor gave me the support system I needed, allowed me to create meaningful friendships and taught me values I will never forget. I cherish the memories I made at Arbor because it gave me the foundation I needed while giving me room to grow and become the person I am today. Looking back, I now realise how much the teachers actually cared about us and wanted the best for us. In returning to Arbor as an educator I hope to have the same meaningful impact on the children I engage with and leave the same footprints in their hearts.

    Past Student - Present Educator

    Mrs C Jones

    I remember being picked for the netball team in Grade 4 for the first time. I was in a new school and making new friends. Arbor was always welcoming and full of friendly faces. All the teachers and coaches were encouraging and full of fun. It’s no wonder that fate had me find my way back in 2017 when I was given my very own Grade 4 homeroom class. If Arbor and its staff has taught me anything (even from a young age, in my purple checked tunic), it’s that your attitude towards everything is EVERYTHING. Being the positive outlook in the situation, overcomes more than you realise.

    Past Student - Present Educator

    Mrs K Krauss

    In 1981 I began the first of three journeys at Arbor Primary School. During this first journey, I spent seven incredibly happy years here as a pupil. I have many fond memories and many favourite teachers from that time so long ago. It was a time of learning, not just how to read or write or do maths, but to learn about myself as I went from a little girl to a teenager under the caring guidance of Arbor teachers. What I learnt at Arbor would shape me in high school, and for that I am grateful.  To me, Arbor is not just a word, it’s a symbol. It symbolizes community, caring, dedication, passion, excellence and family. I am so grateful to have been a part of this family for so many years, and Arbor, it’s pupils and teachers, will always have a piece of my heart.

    Past Student - Present Educator

    Mrs M Panayai

    “The best on the East Rand in study and play”, this is the first line of our school song, and it has always held true in my heart. When I think of my time at Arbor, I remember the love I received. I had a stable and loving upbringing that was mirrored at school. Of course, there was one or two crazy teachers, but that just added to the fun. I recall in Grade 5 my teacher quickly went to the bathroom. After 20 minutes she returned only to tell us she locked herself in and had to climb over the door. My fondest memories of Arbor, was being on stage in one of the many concerts I participated in. The teachers always made sure we had fun. Over the years, the Arbor staff has just taken what was there and evolved into something of an absolute gem.  I truly believe Arbor is the best school around and for that reason, I decided to come and teach here. It is also for this reason that my niece and my son are also attending Arbor Primary. The second generation of Arbor kids.

    Past Student - Present Educator

    Toni Brown

    Having been a parent at Arbor Primary School for 7 years, I can confidently say that Arbor Primary School is by far the “Best on the East Rand.” The dedicated teaching staff, who are enthusiastic and compassionate, ensure that the learners are provided with the best academic education possible.  Arbor is a school where people feel ‘at home’, a place where the Principal and teachers go the extra mile to support any child in their care.  Learners at Arbor make lasting memories while taking part in the excellent extra mural programme and are encouraged to participate in the many sport and cultural activities coached by the passionate Arbor Staff.  At Arbor Primary, the emphasis is on caring and understanding, which is why Arbor is so dedicated to contributing to the wider community on an ongoing basis. Arbor provides a happy, safe environment where the values that are taught remain long after the learners leave.


    Yvonne Nunes-Corrado

    Arbor has truly been amazing for our 3 children, a warm, supportive family environment that allows all children to grow and express themselves. They are supported by the most passionate teachers, who selflessly give everything to holistically enriching our children with knowledge and emotional intelligence. This gives them the best foundation for moving on, equipped with everything they need to succeed!


    Derek Hewitt 

    After spending 2 years in a Private School in the Benoni area, we made the decision to enroll our daughter in Arbor Primary. The transition from one school to another was seamless and the support we received from everyone (principal to staff) was unbelievable. Our daughter has certainly become part of the Arbor family, and we have embraced the family orientated culture that Arbor believes in. In our previous school there was a disconnect between teacher and parent interaction, however the personal interaction that every teacher has had with us in our time at Arbor has made us feel special and very comfortable with our choice to move our daughter into Arbor. This really is a school that prides itself on commitment, good ethics and sound teaching principles that help parents and students alike to enjoy school again and have faith that our kids are in good hands. Well done to the Principal, Mr Arentsen and staff of Arbor for making this a daily reality. There is no one like you. Arbor is by far the best Primary School ever.


    Helen Smith

    I am so privileged and honoured to be part of such an amazing school. My two boys are still in the school and I know they feel exactly the same. Thank you Mr Arentsen for having the best team of teachers.